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英语作文600字 篇1

  I enjoyed my May Day holiday. We Chinese people celebrated the International Labour Day in different ways. Some of us really enjoyed our holiday vacations, so we went sightseeing and visiting our loved ones. However, other people had to take their duties on this holiday.

  For example, the police, firefighters and soldiers were on their duties by keeping us safe throughout the holiday. Hospitals opened during the holiday, so doctors and nurses were on call for taking care of their patients. Services such as tourism, restaurants, shopping malls and super markets were open to the public during the May Day holiday.

  We appreciated these hard working people who never stopped delivering great services to their clients and customers throughout the holiday of the First of May. All in all, showing appreciation to hard working people is a significance of celebrating the Labour Day holiday. I liked this May Day holiday very much!

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英语作文600字 篇3

  1.Were often told that that...But is this really the case?


  2.People used to... However,things are quite different today.


  3. Some people think that... Others believe that the opposite is true.

  There is probaly some truth in both sides. But we must realize that...


  4.Recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution.


  5.It is another new and bitter truth we must learn to face.


  6.In short, we must work hard to make the world a better place.


  7.Lost time is never found again.


  8.Everybody should have a dream.


  9. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


  10.Failure is the mother of success.


  11.Lets look on the bright side .


英语作文600字 篇4

  How to get on well with others?

  As we all know, students should learn how to get on well with others. But in what ways?

  First of all, we should respect others. Everyone has their own way to do things, so we should understand each other. Besides, it is important for us to communicate with each other and share our happiness and sadness. What’s more, we should be kind to others and offer necessary help to those who are in trouble.

  In my opinion, we should treat others in an honest way. Only in this way can we get along well with each other and feel happy.






英语作文600字 篇5

  Every coin has two sides , which is the same as surfing the Internet. On one hand , we benefit a lot from computers. For instance , many people are accustomed to going shopping on the Internet, which is a way to save time and money. What’s more, Internet makes it convenient for friends and relatives to communicate with each other. So people are more closed. Besides, we can go through the news all over the world through the Internet, which can broaden our eyes and assist us to learn more about the world.

  On the other hand, with the popularity of computer games, more and more teenagers are addicted to virtual world , leading to a terrible grade and health. Moreover, plenty of unhealthy information emerges on the Internet, making a bad influence on teenagers.


英语作文600字 篇6

  Li Min is our monitor。She is tall, healthy and lively。She does well in all subjects。She is fond of sports and is good at singing and dancing。

  Li Min works hard at English。 When she came to the school, she had quite a lot of difficulties with the language。 But she was not afraid of them and always tried hard to overcome them。 She was active in class and did a lot of practice after class。 No pains, no gains。With great efforts she made much progress in English study。

  Li Min is modest and always ready to help others。 She is very strict with herself in her work and daily life。 She sets us all a fine example。

  我们的班长 李敏是我们的班长。她很高,健康活泼。她擅长所有科目。她喜欢运动,擅长唱歌和跳舞。 李敏的英语努力工作。当她来到学校,很多困难的语言。但她不是怕他们,总是努力克服它们。她是活跃在课堂上和课后做大量的练习。一分耕耘。以极大的努力她在英语学习中取得了很大进步。 李敏是温和的,并且随时准备帮助别人。她对自己要求很严格在她的`工作和日常生活。她为我们建立了一个很好的例子。

英语作文600字 篇7

  根据下列提示,编写一段题为 问路 的对话(60--80个字): Green太太想去博物馆,但不知如何走,于是 就向一位警察询问。警察告诉她沿街走到第二个十字路口向左拐,拐角过去第三幢楼就是博物馆。 Asking the Way




  Asking the Way

  Mrs. Green: Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to the museum?

  Policeman: Certainly. Just go up this street and turn left at the second crossing. The third building from the corner is the museum. You can’t miss it.

  Mrs. Green: Oh, let me see. Go down this street, turn left at the second crossing. and the museum is the third building from the corner. Am I right?

  Policeman: Yes, that’s right.

  Mrs. Green: Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

  Policeman: You are welcome. Bye-bye.

英语作文600字 篇8

  Mei, I think you should practise their guts,First to develop self-esteem, believe in yourself, even often encourage yourself. Next to cultivate courage, class learning more at ordinary times, many questions ask to speak to answer questions, answer wrong and no relationship. More teachers and classmates is again and make friends, learn other people's strengths, first acquaintance and speak, and all men met strangers gradually shy. The key is insist to take exercise, this small problem can solve

  mei,You are very clever, speak English very good grades is very good。I'll tell the other students, let them give you encourage, let they believe you, because you are the best。You must be successful, come on

英语作文600字 篇9

  Liu Ming is my chemistry’ teacher. He is an ordinary-looking little man with thick glasses, but he has a strange way of making his classes lively and interesting.

  I remembered his first lesson. He put three bottles on the desk. One was filled with kerosene, one with castor oil, and one with vinegar. And he said "Now watch carefully. Pay attention to everything that I do." He held up one of his fingers and dipped it into the cup after he mixed the three kinds of liquid in a big cup together. A few seconds later, he took his finger out, put it in his mouth and sucked it. "How delicious! You must do everything that I do." said he. And then we did it like him. lmmediately we made a face. The mixture tasted horrible.

  It was first chemistry lesson. I never forget it.